Cloudera Operational Database CLI commands

You can learn about the various Cloudera Operational Database (COD) CLI commands. You can run these commands to do administration and management tasks like create or describe a COD instance. Users who have the CDP PowerUser role can run any command, regardless of whether they have the ODUser or ODAdmin role.

Table 1. COD CLI commands
Command Description Required Role
create-database Create a database with the provided name in a given environment. ODAdmin
describe-client-connectivity List the available connectors to programmatically interact with the database and required information to use each connector. ODUser
describe-database Query the details of a database. ODUser
drop-database Stop and destroy the database. Data remains in the configured cloud storage. ODAdmin
list-database List all databases which the user has permission to view. ODUser
start-database Start an existing database. ODAdmin
stop-database Stop a database. ODAdmin
When you run the cdp opdb commands, you must provide your COD database name and the CDP environment name as parameters as shown in this example:
cdp opdb describe-database --database-name [***MY DATABASE NAME***] --environment-name [***MY CDP ENVIRONMENT NAME