Creating a database using COD

You can create an operational database in your registered environment using Cloudera Operational Database (COD).

Required role: You must be logged into the COD as an ODAdmin.

  • Understand CDP environment and user management. For more information, see User Management and CDP Environments topics.
  • Set up an environment that gives you credential and cloud storage.
  • Ensure you are authorized to create a database.
  1. In the COD web interface, click Create Database.
  2. Select the environment from the list in which you want to have the database.
  3. Provide a name for the database in the Database Name field.
  4. Select the storage type as Cloud Storage or HDFS.
    • The storage type HDFS is equivalent to using --use-hdfs option on CDP CLI while creating an operational database.
    • The storage type Cloud Storage, which resembles block storage, is equivalent to using --no-use-hdfs option on CDP CLI while creating an operational database.

    By default, Cloud Storage is selected.

  5. Define a scale for your database using a predefined Data Lake template.
    The template helps you to structure your database automatically thereby saving your time and cost. COD creates the predefined number of LITE or HEAVY gateway and master nodes, a set of worker nodes, and also adds additional functionalists into the new database. In case you need to modify the default number of nodes defined in the template, you can do so after the database creation.

    The available templates are Light Duty and Medium Duty. By default, Light Duty is selected.

  6. Click Create Database.
Information page is displayed that shows the status of the database. Your new database is ready to be used once its status becomes Available.