COD migration

You can migrate HBase and Phoenix tables from CDH or HDP to COD CDP Public Cloud where the Store File Tracking (SFT) is enabled.

When you are migrating from CDH or HDP to an SFT enabled COD CDP Public Cloud, ensure that you create an SFT enabled COD database on the target cluster. For more details on creating a COD database, see Store File Tracking usage.

To migrate from CDH or HDP to an SFT enabled COD CDP Public Cloud, see HBase Migration through Replication Manager.

Even after restoring the snapshots on the SFT enabled COD CDP Public Cloud, the resulting tables do not load the correct SFT configurations automatically; SFT considers the DEFAULT tracker, which still relies on the temporary directories and renames.

You must convert the DEFAULT tracker to the FILE tracker in each of the restored table configurations by defining the MIGRATION tracker at the table level configurations. Consider the following example to switch the tracker from DEFAULT to FILE in a table configuration.

alter 'my-table', CONFIGURATION => {'' => 'MIGRATION',
'' => 'DEFAULT',
'' => 'FILE'}

Once all table regions are online, disable the MIGRATION by setting value as In the above example, this can be represented as.

alter 'my-table', CONFIGURATION => {'' => 'FILE'}