May 10, 2023

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.30 version supports scaling up the COD clusters vertically and also provides an UI option to create smaller COD clusters.

COD supports scaling up the clusters vertically

COD now allows you to vertically scale up the COD clusters from a Light Duty to a Medium Duty instance type. You can upgrade the instance type of a COD cluster that belongs to a Master or Gateway node.

To know more about the vertical scaling, see Scaling COD instances vertically.

COD UI supports creating a smaller cluster using a predefined Data Lake template

COD now allows you to create a smaller cluster with one Gateway node and one Worker node using a new scale type Micro Duty while creating an operational database through COD UI. The Micro database is a two node cluster in which the Gateway node processes the activities of the Master and Leader nodes, thereby removing the need of these nodes. You can use a Micro database for testing and development purposes.

For more information, see Creating a database using COD.