--custom-user-tags in Operational Database

You can identify and monitor infrastructure resources that are launched in your AWS account by applying the --custom-user-tags. This is an optional tag. You can apply the --custom-user-tags tags after creating the CDP environment. For Cloudera operational database (COD), use this feature by running the following command in the CDP CLI beta version:

 `cdp opdb create-database --custom-user-tags`

For example:

`cdp opdb create-database --custom-user-tags key=name1,value=value1 
key=name2,value=value2 --database-name ... --environment-name ...`

Following is the code snippet:

       --custom-user-tags  (array)  Optional  tags to apply to launched infra-
       structure resources

       Shorthand Syntax:

          key=string,value=string ... (separate items with spaces)

       JSON Syntax:

              "key": "string",
              "value": "string"