January 10, 2023

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.27 version supports JWT authentication, provides Data Lake templates while creating a database, and a CLI option to enable HBase region canaries.

COD supports configuring JWT authentication for your HBase clients

COD now allows you to configure JWT (JSON Web Token)-based authentication for your HBase clients, which uses an unique identifier and is a standard way of securely transmitting signed information between two parties. To know more about the JWT authentication, see Configuring JWT authentication for HBase client.

COD supports creating an operational database using a predefined Data Lake template

When you create an operational database, you can now define the structure of your database based on a predefined Data Lake template. The template defines the number of gateway, master, and worker nodes to be added while creating a database.

You can select a template and accordingly the nodes are added into the COD cluster after the database is successfully created.

To know more about this, see Creating a database using COD.

COD provides a CLI option to enable HBase region canaries

COD now provides a CLI option, --enable-region-canary to enable the HBase region canaries while creating an operational database.

Use the following command to enable the HBase region canaries.
cdp opdb create-database --environment-name ENVIRONMENT_NAME --database-name DATABASE_NAME --enable-region-canary
  • hbase_region_health_canary_enabled
  • hbase_region_health_canary_slow_run_alert_enabled
  • hbase_canary_alert_unhealthy_region_percent_threshold
For more information, see Enabling HBase region canary.