August 10, 2022

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.23 version supports custom EBS volumes for HDFS clusters while creating a database and displays UI notifications on the COD UI.

COD supports custom EBS volumes for HDFS clusters

COD allows you to customize the attached storage worker node for an HDFS cluster using the --attached-storage-for-workers option while creating a database. You can define the EBS volumes for HDFS clusters.

You can also view the customized attached storage worker nodes using the describe-database and list-database commands. For more information, see create-database.

COD displays notifications on the COD UI for all the major events

COD now displays notifications about all the major events on the COD UI. For example, auto-scaling events, auto-healing events, and alerting notifications.

The UI notifications is a major step in providing enough information on COD UI so that you do not need to navigate to multiple internal systems used by COD to get the required information as well as be aware of the events happening in the system on an immediate basis.