Restrictions in Multi-AZ deployment on COD

Know the restrictions while deploying multiple availability zones on your CDP Operational Database (COD) environment.

The following are the current restrictions:

  1. Cloudera Manager currently does not support High Availability, therefore if the AZ containing the gateway node is down, the Cloudera Manager services are unavailable.
  2. COD auto-scaling does not work during an AZ outage. When an AZ outage occurs, the Data Hub identifies that multiple nodes are down and goes into an unhealthy state. COD cannot initiate auto-scaling during an unhealthy state.
  3. If the node containing the YARN Resource Manager (RM) is down during an AZ outage, the MapReduce jobs related to the YARN services might be impacted, because the RM is not distributed.
  4. While performing Multi-AZ failover testing, you might encounter longer failover times because of the Ranger RAZ services, which applies authorization logic in front of cloud storage systems. When this failover does not happen promptly, HBase is unable to perform any operations that require communication with the cloud storage system. Cloudera continues to evaluate this issue in later releases.