Store File Tracking usage

To use this feature, you must first contact Cloudera Support or your Cloudera account team to enable the COD_STOREFILE_TRACKING entitlement in CDP Public Cloud. This entitlement serves as a process gate to ensure that this feature is not available for production workloads at this point in time.

Once the entitlement is enabled, you can provide the --enable-storefile-tracking option to create a new COD database using cdpcli-beta.

For example,
cdp opdb create-database --environment-name myEnvironment --database-name myDatabase --enable-storefile-tracking

COD databases created when the entitlement are active and the provided feature flag results in all HBase and Phoenix tables using the Store File Tracking feature. If you provide this for a CDP environment on Azure or GCP, the call will fail because this feature is only applicable to AWS. If the --use-hdfs option is provided, this call will also fail because this feature is not relevant when HDFS is being used.

There is no required recompilation or code change in your applications for COD databases which have this feature enabled. Cloudera recommends that you update applications to the same version of HBase and Phoenix client libraries to match the version of their COD database.