August 10, 2023

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.33 version provides enhancements to the CDP CLI as well as on COD UI.

COD drops support of the Cloudera runtime versions CDP Runtime 7.2.8 and CDP Runtime 7.2.9

COD has stopped supporting the Cloudera runtime versions CDP Runtime 7.2.8 and CDP Runtime 7.2.9 because they have reached the end of life.

COD supports faster rolling restarts on COD clusters

The default value of Cloudera Manager > HBase > Configuration > Region Mover Threads is changed to 30. This speeds up the rolling restart functionality for HBase.

For more information see Rolling Restart.

COD supports rolling runtime upgrades of a COD cluster

COD now supports upgrading the Cloudera Runtime version of the database using the rolling restart mode. This ensures continuous service availability during an upgrade operation. A new CLI parameter --rolling-upgrade | --no-rolling-upgrade is added to the upgrade-database command. Following is a sample command:

cdp opdb upgrade-database --environment <environment-name> --database <database-name> --runtime <runtime-version> [--rolling-upgrade | --no-rolling-upgrade]

For more information, see Performing a rolling Cloudera Runtime upgrade.

COD provides enhancements to the --scale-type CDP CLI option in the create-database command

In CDP CLI, the --scale-type option now supports all three options --scale-type (string) <MICRO, LIGHT, HEAVY> for both the --master-node-type and --gateway-node-type.

  • --scale-type LIGHT (--master-node-type LITE, --gateway-node-type LITE)
  • --scale-type HEAVY (--master-node-type HEAVY, --gateway-node-type HEAVY)

If the --scale-type option is not defined, by default --scale-type LIGHT is considered for both the --master-node-type and --gateway-node-type. However, you can overwrite the --scale-type for a --gateway-node-type using the --gateway-node-type <value> option.

For more information, see CDP CLI Beta.

COD supports enabling a consolidated view of COD metrics using Grafana dashboards

In CDP CLI, the create-database command now provides a new option --enable-grafana which allows you to enable the Grafana URL under the GRAFANA DASHBOARD option inside your COD database. When you click on the Grafana URL, it takes you to the Grafana dashboard which provides a consolidated view of the COD metrics.

Following is an example of the create-database command.

cdp opdb create-database --environment <environment_name> --database <database_name> --enable-grafana

For more information, see Monitoring metrics in COD with Grafana.