COD edge node overview

An edge node is a resource dedicated to access private computing resources on the public cloud. You must configure an edge node in your public cloud environment if you use the Apache HBase Java API or the Apache Phoenix thick JDBC client.

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) cannot be accessed directly by clients and resources on the public internet. The subnet security group and ingress rules of your public cloud providers prevent you from accessing your database from a public network.

If you have enabled a public endpoint access gateway while creating your environment, you can access your COD instance from outside the public cloud through Apache Knox. But, if you use a private subnet in your environment, you must configure a VPN for your client applications to access your COD instance using Apache Knox or use an edge node.

Clients that use HTTP interfaces can be proxied through the Apache Knox gateway. These include clients that use the HBase REST server, Thrift client, SQL over HTTP using Apache Phoenix thin client and Python phoenixdb library.

You must create an edge node to use the Apache HBase Java API or the Apache Phoenix thick JDBC driver.

You do not have to configure an edge node to use the HBase REST Server, Thrift Server, or any client that communicates with Phoenix Query Server. For example, you do not have to create an edge node to use the Apache Phoenix thin JDBC driver, ODBC driver, Go driver, or the Python phoenixdb library.

You can create an edge node in your COD cluster that acts as an individual node type and not as a separate Data Hub cluster. The edge node automatically synchronizes with the COD cluster, which means you do not need to manually configure the node.