Cloudera Operational Database service in the public cloud

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) is a service that runs on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). COD enables you to create a new operational database with a single click and auto-scales based on your workload.

Cloudera Operational Database delivers a real-time, always available, scalable operational database that serves traditional structured data alongside unstructured data within a unified operational and warehousing platform.

Cloudera Operational Database is powered by Apache HBase and Apache Phoenix. In Cloudera Operational Database, you use Apache HBase as a datastore with HDFS and/or S3 providing the storage infrastructure. You have the choice to either develop applications using one of the native Apache HBase API, or you can use Apache Phoenix for data access. Apache Phoenix is a SQL layer that provides a programmatic ANSI SQL interface. It works on top of Apache HBase, and it makes it possible to handle data using standard SQL queries and Apache Phoenix commands. You can use Cloudera Operational Database in the public cloud or on-premises.

You can access COD from the Cloudera CDP console: The COD experience is a tile that you can click on your CDP console home screen.