June 19, 2023

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.32 version provides enhancements to the CDP CLI as well as on COD UI.

COD provides UI enhancements to the Scale option on the database creation page

On the COD UI, when you create an operational database the Medium Duty is renamed to Heavy Duty under Create Database > Scale. This ensures that the options on COD UI and CDP CLI Beta are symmetrical.

For more information, see Creating a database using COD.

COD provides enhancements to the CDP CLI option --scale-type <HEAVY>

In CDP CLI, when you select the --scale-type option as HEAVY, COD allocates larger SSD storage (for example, gp2 on AWS, StandardSSD_LRS on Azure, or pd-ssd on GCP) for both master and leader node types. This ensures the higher loads on Zookeeper and provides a better performance for COD.

For more information, see CDP CLI Beta.

COD supports enabling custom recipes using CDP CLI Beta

You can now define custom recipes while creating an operational database using the --recipes option in CDP CLI Beta. You can register pre-created recipes during database creation based on the instance groups in your database. The recipes are executed automatically for the specified nodes based on the recipes’ type.

Use the following example command to define custom recipes for your operational database.

cdp opdb create-database --environment-name <ENVIRONMENT_NAME> --database-name <DATABASE_NAME> --recipe names=<rec1,rec2>,instanceGroup=<MASTER> names=<rec2>,instanceGroup=WORKER names=<rec3,rec4>,instanceGroup=<GATEWAY>

To know more about the recipes, see Recipes.

To know more about the --recipes option, see CDP CLI Beta.