Backing up a COD table

You can backup your CDP Operational Database (COD) table by creating a snapshot of the table and exporting it to your S3 or ABFS bucket.

  • You have an S3 or ABFS bucket which you want to use to backup an HBase table in COD. For example: s3a://cod-backups/hbase
  • You have an edge node configured for your COD database. For more information, see Configure Edge Nodes.
  1. Get your CLOUD STORAGE LOCATION for your COD database using the COD web interface.
  2. Add your bucket to the IAM policy used by IDBroker.
  3. Launch the hbase shell from the edge node.
    For more information, see Launching HBase shell.
  4. Take a snapshot of the table you want to backup.
    snapshot [***TABLE NAME***],[***SNAPSHOT NAME***]
  5. Use the ExportSnapshot command to export your snapshot to your bucket.
    hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.snapshot.ExportSnapshot -snapshot [***SNAPSHOT NAME***] -copy-to [***CLOUD STORAGE***]
    For example:
    hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.snapshot.ExportSnapshot -snapshot data-from-onprem -copy-to s3a://cod-external-bucket/hbase -mappers 10
  6. Validate that the snapshot and data is present using the hdfs dfs -ls -R [***CLOUD STORAGE***] command.