August 10, 2021

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.14 version offers multiple new features that includes disengaging autoadmin database function, runtime upgrade, copy tables between COD environments and many more.

Disengage autoadmin database function

COD can disable the autonomous database functions thereby stops managing a database. When COD disables the autonomous functions, the database cannot leverage it; however the functions are available and accessible as a datahub cluster.

Cloudera Runtime upgrade with downtime

You can upgrade the Cloudera Runtime installed on the cluster running COD to an advanced one with downtime.

Copy tables between two COD environments

COD provides a CopyTable utility to copy tables from one COD cluster to another.

COD supports ephemeral storage on AWS

COD now supports ephemeral storage on AWS for HBase buckets.

COD provides HDFS as a storage option

COD now provides HDFS as a storage option for COD deployment instead of cloud storage.

COD uses instance storage for HBase bucket cache

COD now deploys clusters with large block cache on ephemeral storage thereby enhancing the performance of the clusters. This is available only for AWS-based clusters with S3 blob storage.