Upgrading a database using COD

Learn how to upgrade your existing Cloudera Operational Database (COD) in the CDP environment.

  • You need to use the CDP Beta CLI and run the upgrade-database command to upgrade your database.
  • Required role: You must be logged into the COD as an ODAdmin.
  • To use COD on a GCP environment, you must do it through CDP CLI with --use-hdfs flag.
  • Before you perform the COD upgrade: In the Cloudera Manager properties, increase the omid_max_heap_size property for the Omid service to at least 3GB before starting the upgrade from 7.2.9/7.2.10 to 7.2.11:
  • Understand CDP environment and user management. For more information, see User Management and CDP Environments topics.
  • Ensure you are authorized to upgrade a database.
  • You must download and install the latest CDP CLI beta version.
  1. Log in to the CDP CLI tool.
  2. Run the following command to upgrade the database.
    This command upgrades an operational database in an environment to a given Runtime:

    cdp opdb upgrade-database --environment <environment-name> --database <database-name> --runtime <runtime-version> [--os-upgrade-only | --no-os-upgrade only]

    Option Description
    --environment (string) The name or CRN of the environment.
    --database <value> The name or CRN of the database.
    --runtime <value> The runtime version to upgrade to.
    [--os-upgrade-only | --no-os-upgrade-only] Controls whether to perform only an Operating System upgrade.