May 30, 2024

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.42 version supports HBase REST server scaling and CDP CLI enhancements.

The HBase REST server scaling for better performance [Technical Preview]

You can scale up the HBase REST server using the Apache HBase REST API, for better connectivity to COD. You need a minimum of two Gateway nodes to utilize this functionality. The required number of Gateway nodes can be specified using the --num-gateway-nodes option in the create-database command using CDP CLI.

This feature is under technical preview. To use this feature, you must have the COD_RESTWORKERS entitlement enabled in your CDP environment.

Following is a sample command.

cdp opdb create-database --environment-name env_name --database-name database_name --num-gateway-nodes integer

For more information, see Scaling the HBase REST server in COD.

Enhancements to the describe-database command

In CDP CLI, the output of the describe-database command shows the JDK version of the COD cluster if the cluster was created using a specific JDK version; otherwise, the output shows the JDK version as "Not Available".

The following is a sample output of the describe-database command that shows the Java version used to create the cluster.

"dbEdgeNodeCount": 0,
"scaleType": "MICRO",
"type": "COD",
"computeNodesCount": 0,
"totalComputeNodesCount": 0,
"isJwtEnabled": true,
"cloudPlatform": "AWS",
"javaVersion": "11"

For more information, see CDP CLI documentation.