October 10, 2022

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.24 version supports fast SSD volume types, deploys strong meta servers for multiple regions, and provides two new CDL CLI commands.

COD supports fast SSD based volume types for gateway nodes of HEAVY types

Cloudera Manager and monitoring systems require more resources than a regular deployment for big clusters with a large number of nodes. To support this, now COD supports a fast gp2 storage when you choose a gateway node of HEAVY type.

COD deploys strong meta servers for multiple regions for Multi-AZ

For Multi-AZ deployments, COD assigns the nodes to multiple regions when multiple strong meta servers exist in the deployment.

COD provides CDP CLI commands to set the HBase configuration values

COD now supports the CDP CLI commands update-hbase-configuration and describe-hbase-configuration to update and retrieve the HBase configuration values. For more information, see describe-hbase-configuration and update-hbase-configuration.