Creating a database using a custom image

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) allows you to create a database using a custom image for compliance or security purposes. You can inherit pre-installed packages or software libraries from the custom image while creating an operational database.

  • You must download and install the latest CDP CLI beta version.
  • You must have a working CDP environment.
  • You must ensure that the custom image resides in your CDP environment.
  1. Run the following command to create a database using a custom image.
    cdp opdb create-database --environment <env_name> --database <database-name> --image < "id" : <image_id>, "catalog" : <catalog_name>>
    Parameter value Description
    <env_name> Name of the environment that holds the new database.
    <database-name> Name of the new database for which you want to use the custom image.
    <image_id> Image ID of the database image.
    <catalog_name> Name of the database image catalog.
    For example,
    cdp opdb create-database --environment-name cod-7215 --database-name testdb --image '{"id":"78aeac7f-4a37-4395-a270-833d655c20fb", "catalog":"cdp-default"}'
  2. Verify that the database creation is successful for the same image.
    Navigate to the Data Hub Clusters service or to the Management Console > Data Hub Clusters, and click the Image Details tab of the newly created Data Hub cluster.