April 28, 2024

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.41 version supports CDP CLI changes and upgrade to higher instance types for HDFS storage type and Azure deployments.

COD has updated the HDFS instance type to 16 core instances

When you create an operational database with HDFS storage type, the COD clusters now use 16 core instances on AWS, Azure, and GCP environments for worker nodes. The COD clusters with HDFS storage type are upgraded to enhance the performance and usability of the COD.

The new worker instances for HDFS storage type are as follows:

  • AWS: m5.4xlarge
  • Azure: Standard_D16_v3
  • GCP: n2-standard-16

COD supports configuring root volume size for available instances in a COD cluster

In CDP CLI, while creating an operational database, you can set the default root volume size with the --root-volume-size (integer) option in GiB for all the instances in the cluster.

Following is a sample command.

cdp opdb create-database --environment-name test-env --database-name test-db --root-volume-size 300

For more information, see CDP CLI documentation.

COD has updated the instance type for Azure deployments

When you create and deploy an operational database in an Azure environment, by default, COD clusters now use Standard_D8s_v3 instance type instead of Standard_D8_v3. The instance type is upgraded to support encryption at the host level.

If you want to retain the Standard_D8_v3 instance type, you must have the COD_USE_DV3_INSTANCE_TYPE entitlement on your account.

COD supports instance group encryption in AWS environments

In CDP CLI, while creating an operational database, you can specify the encryption key to encrypt the volume for instance groups using the --volume-encryptions (array) option. You can specify this option only in AWS environments.

Following is a sample command.

opdb create-database --environment-name <environment-name> --database-name <database-name> --disable-external-db --scale-type MICRO --attached-storage-for-workers '{"volumeCount":1,"volumeType":"SSD","volumeSize":100}' --endpoint-url http://localhost:8988 \
--volume-encryptions '[
    "encryptionKey": "<aws-key-arn>",
    "instanceGroup": "GATEWAY"

Shorthand syntax: encryptionKey=string,instanceGroup=string ... (separate items with spaces)

JSON syntax:

              "encryptionKey": "string",
              "instanceGroup": "WORKER"|"LEADER"|"MASTER"|"GATEWAY"|"STRONGMETA"|"EDGE"

For more information, see CDP CLI documentation.