Advantages of Multi-AZ deployments

Understand the single and multiple AWS availability zones that Cloudera Operational Database (COD) supports along with the advantages of deploying Multi-AZ.

COD in a single AWS availability zone

Without multiple availability zone based deployments, CDP Control Plane deploys COD and Data Hubs into a single subnet, meaning that each of them has VMs spread across a single availability zone (as on AWS every subnet is related to a single availability zone).

COD in a multiple AWS availability zone

If you choose to deploy your COD Environment and Data Hubs across multiple subnets and availability zones (multi-AZ), each of these components could be spread across two or more availability zones, providing high availability, resilience, and fault tolerance.

Table 1. Key advantages
Advantages Descriptions
High availability Supports high availability for your application with automatic database failover. It ensures that you do not lose any data and zero manual intervention.
Resilience Ensures that the data on your standby database instance is up-to-date with the primary.
Fault tolerance Enhances availability by deploying a standby instance in a second AZ, and achieve fault tolerance in the event of an AZ or database instance failure.