October 10, 2021

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) 1.16 version supports modified auto-scaling criteria and a built-in coprocessor AggregateImplementation.

COD supports modified auto-scaling criteria

COD now supports an improved auto-scaling algorithm that considers the latency of the user operations. COD now prioritises user operations over system operations that results in a reduced cost of infrastructure with a minor increase in replication.

COD supports a built-in coprocessor AggregateImplementation

COD now supports a built-in coprocessor called AggregateImplementation that facilitates aggregation function computations (min, max, sum,avg, median, std) at the region level. This yields better performance because you need not get all the data to perform these calculations. COD enables AggregateImplementation by default, and you can use the AggregationClient service in HBase to perform RegionServer side aggregation. For example, row count.