Creating an Iceberg table

A step-by-step procedure describes how to create an Apache Iceberg table from a Hive or Impala Virtual Warehouse. You see how to access and use the recommended query editor Hue to create an Iceberg table.

In this task, you create an Iceberg table in Cloudera Data Warehouse. In a Virtual Warehouse, you open Hue, and use Hive or Impala to create a table.
  • You must meet the prerequisites to query Iceberg tables from a Virtual Warehouse mentioned earlier, including obtaining Ranger access permissions.
  1. Create a new Virtual Warehouse, or select an existing one.
  2. In Cloudera Data Warehouse Overview, select a Virtual Warehouse, and click Hue.
  3. Select a database.
  4. Enter a query to create a simple Iceberg table in the default Parquet format.
    Hive example:
    CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE ice_t1 (i int, s string, ts timestamp, d date)
    Impala example:
    CREATE TABLE ice_t2 (i int, s string, ts timestamp, d date)
    In CDP, CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE, and just CREATE TABLE, are valid from Hive. You use the EXTERNAL keyword from Hive to create the Iceberg table to purge the data when you drop the table. In CDP, from Impala, you must use CREATE TABLE to initialize the Iceberg table.
  5. Click to run the query.