Tagging feature

Tags identify snapshots you need for auditing and conforming to GDPR. You can tag a snapshot to help you track retention for a certain period of time.

Iceberg tagging is available in Hive only. Iceberg tagging is not available in Impala or Spark.

Create a tag

You can create a tag based on SYSTEM_VERSION, SYSTEM_TIME, or the current branch. Tables must be Iceberg V2 tables.

ALTER TABLE <table name> CREATE TAG <tag name> FOR SYSTEM_VERSION AS OF <snapshot ID>

ALTER TABLE <table name> CREATE TAG <tag name> FOR SYSTEM_TIME AS OF '<timestamp>'

ALTER TABLE <table name> CREATE TAG <tag name>

Query a tag

You can run SQL read queries on tags using the name of the tag as follows:

<database name>.<table name>.tag_<tag name>

For example:

SELECT * from mydb.mytable.tag_mytag;

Delete a tag

Use the following syntax to delete a tag.

ALTER TABLE <table name> DROP tag [IF EXISTS] <tag name>