You need to set up your environment and meet Data Lake prerequisites for querying Iceberg tables in CDP. You learn which query editors are supported and which roles are required.

The following list covers prerequisites for using Iceberg.
  • You are using the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW).
  • You must have access to an activated environment.
  • One of the following query editors are required to query Iceberg tables:
    • Hue (recommended)
    • A JDBC client
    • The Impala shell for remote users
  • You must have the required role: DWUser.
  • You must obtain permission to run SQL queries from the Env Admin, who must add you to the Hadoop SQL Storage Handler and the Hadoop SQL policies.
  • You must use the HadoopFileIO. S3FileIO is not supported. URLs in metadata starting with s3://... cause query failure.

Migrating from Impala Prerequisites

  • The original table is an EXTERNAL table from the Impala perspective: The EXTERNAL table property value is true.
  • The original table is a non-ACID table.
  • You have “ALL” privileges on the database containing the table.