Component Java Heap CPU Disk
  • Minimum: 1 GB (this is the default set by Cloudera Manager). This is sufficient for less than 10 simultaneous workflows, without forking.
  • If you notice excessive garbage collection, or out-of-memory errors, increase the heap size to 4 GB for medium-size production clusters or to 8 GB for large-size production clusters.
  • Set this value using the Java Heap Size of Oozie Server in Bytes Oozie configuration property.
No resources required No resources required

Additional tuning:

For workloads with many coordinators that run with complex workflows (a max concurrency reached! warning appears in the log and the Oozie admin -queuedump command shows a large queue):
  • Increase the value of the oozie.service.CallableQueueService.callable.concurrency property to 50.
  • Increase the value of the oozie.service.CallableQueueService.threads property to 200.

Do not use a Derby database as a backend database for Oozie.