Connect an external database

Hue needs its own database to store items such as user account information, job submissions, and SQL queries. It is packaged with a lightweight embedded PostgreSQL database, which is intended only for proof-of-concept deployments with one Hue server. For production environments, Cloudera recommends connecting Hue to an external database.

There are two ways to connect Hue to an external database:

  • During a new CDP installation with the Cloudera Manager Installation Wizard at the Database Setup step. The database must be installed, configured, and running.
  • After CDP is installed with Cloudera Manager, go to the Hue > Configuration tab. You can migrate from an old database and connect to a new one. Or you can just connect to the new database without saving the data in the old database.

It is only necessary to migrate to a new database if you want to save the data in your current database. Otherwise, connect to the new database and restart Hue without migrating the old database data. External databases can be remote, but ensure that the database server is properly configured to listen on the correct address to receive requests from Hue.