Creating a Temporary Internal Repository

You can quickly create a temporary remote repository to deploy packages on a one-time basis. Cloudera recommends using the same host that runs Cloudera Manager, or a gateway host.

This example uses Python SimpleHTTPServer as the Web server to host the /var/www/html directory, but you can use a different directory.
  1. Download the repository you need following the instructions in Downloading and Publishing the Package Repository.
  2. Determine a port that your system is not listening on. This example uses port 8900.
  3. Start a Python SimpleHTTPServer in the /var/www/html directory:
    cd /var/www/html
    python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8900
    Serving HTTP on port 8900 ...
  4. Visit the Repository URL http://<web_server>:8900/cloudera-repos/ in your browser and verify the files you downloaded are present.