Fixed Issues in Apache Sqoop

Review the list of Atlas issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.6.

CDPD-19647: When the --query parameter is used with --as-orcfile Sqoop displays an error.
This is is resolved.
CDPD-18796: Oozie version returns improper values
The oozie version command now returns the proper Oozie version and build time. This is is resolved.
CDPD-19934: During Hive import when no --hs2-url parameter was specified and Sqoop did the import via the beeline command line utility, in the beeline process launched by Sqoop only the following environment variables were preserved from the parent process: HADOOP_COMMON_HOME, HADOOP_HOME, HADOOP_MAPRED_HOME, HBASE_HOME, HCAT_HOME, HIVE_HOME, JAVA_HOME, PATH, ZOOKEEPER_HOME. Now you can specify custom environment variables to preserve through: 1. By specifying the "sqoop.beeline.env.preserve" system-property for the Sqoop command. For example, sqoop import -Dsqoop.beeline.env.preserve=MY_VARIBALE 2. Or by specifying the "sqoop.beeline.env.preserve" property as a sqoop-site.xml safety-valve in Cloudera Manager and then it will be applied for every sqoop Hive import.
This is is resolved.