Fixed Issues in Apache Hive

Review the list of Hive issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.6.

CDPD-18136: Returned proper response with status code in case of failure


CDPD-17648: Oozie hwc (hive-warehouse-connector) jar conflicts in CDP Private Cloud Base

The Hive Warehouse Connector was adjusted to be compatible with Oozie.

No Apache issue is associated with this fixed issue.

CDPD-22251: The dag_* files must go into a valid log directory.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-21142: HiveServer2 could not read or write Druid tables in clusters secured with Kerberos authentication. Some smaller queries that did not require spawning Tez tasks are working fine. However, any other query involving DruidStorageHandler failed in Kerberos secured clusters.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-20652: Backport HIVE-23972.
CDPD-17596: Hive Local Mode unit tests (with Tez) are failing.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-19071: Backport HIVE-24224.
CDPD-19086: Improve TezLocalCacheManager to use configured root directory.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-21376: Backport HIVE-24193.
CDPD-21558: Backport HIVE-23706.
CDPD-21063: Backport HIVE-20032.
CDPD-21064: Backport HIVE-20505.
CDPD-21088: Backport HIVE-20226.
CDPD-21092: Backport HIVE-20601.
CDPD-21094: Backport HIVE-20836.
CDPD-21098: Backport HIVE-21044.
CDPD-21106: Backport HIVE-21320.
CDPD-21108: Backport HIVE-21999.
CDPD-21110: Backport HIVE-22037.
CDPD-21111: Backport HIVE-24307.
CDPD-21113: Backport HIVE-24362.
CDPD-20986: Backport HIVE-21224.
CDPD-20650: Backport HIVE-23851.
CDPD-20618: Backport HIVE-21843.
CDPD-19842: Backport HIVE-23306.
CDPD-19645: Backport HIVE-24157.
CDPD-19643: Backport HIVE-24113.
CDPD-18605: Backport HIVE-24304.
CDPD-16503: Backport HIVE-23665.
CDPD-15734: Backport HIVE-22934.

Apache patch information

  • TEZ-4281
  • TEZ-4236
  • HIVE-23665
  • HIVE-22934
  • HIVE-24304
  • HIVE-24683
  • HIVE-24224
  • HIVE-24113
  • HIVE-24157
  • HIVE-21843
  • HIVE-24193
  • HIVE-23706
  • HIVE-20032
  • HIVE-20505
  • HIVE-20226
  • HIVE-20601
  • HIVE-20836
  • HIVE-21044
  • HIVE-21320
  • HIVE-21999
  • HIVE-22037
  • HIVE-24307
  • HIVE-24362
  • HIVE-21224
  • HIVE-23972
  • HIVE-23851
  • HIVE-23306