Hue service Django logs

When the Hue service is running, Hue generates logs in /var/log/hue using log4j. Load balancer logs are in /var/run/httpd. You can view these logs in Hue at http://hueserver:port/logs.

Table 1. Hue service logs

Log Name

access.log Filtered list of successful attempts to access Hue Web UI.
audit/hue_server_audit_wal.log Audit log visible in Apache Atlas.
error.log Filtered list of all nontrivial errors
kt_renewer.log Kerberos ticket renews
metrics-hue_server/metrics.log Populates charts in Cloudera Manager
migrate.log Database and table migrations + First Run of Hue server
runcpserver.log Hue (CherryPy) web server info (CP server runs Django core)
hue_install.log Contains the log produced during installation