Behavioral Changes in Apache Phoenix

Learn about the change in certain functionality of Apache Phoenix that has resulted in a change in behavior from the previously released version to this version of Cloudera Runtime.


Starting Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7, you can switch between older and newer versions of sqlline depending on the behaviour you would like to use.

Previous behavior:

phoenix-sqlline was part of the phoenix-client jar file and there was no option to switch between different versions of sqlline.

New behavior:
sqlline jar is separated from the phoenix-client-embedded jar file. If you want to use a different version of the sqlline, do the following:
  1. Download the sqlline to your Phoenix cluster.
  2. Run the export OVERRIDE_SQLLINE_JAR_LOCATION = “/path/to/sqlline-jardirectory” environment variable to set the classpath in order to override the default 1.9.0 version of sqlline that is shipped by default.