Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

Review the list of Schema Registry issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

CDPD-19394: Schema Registry Client basic search functionality
Added new method findAggregatedSchemas to the Schema Registry Client, which you can use to search for schemas.
CDPD-20078: In case of Ranger failure, Schema Registry should return 502
Schema Registry returns a 502 Bad Gateway error when there is an error with Ranger.
CDPD-21871: Schema Registry CNF when using MySQL8 JDBC driver
When using MySQL, Schema Registry will connect to the database using the JDBC driver specified in the configuration. In situations when the driver class is not found on the classpath, Schema Registry will try to search for an alternative MySQL JDBC driver on the classpath.
CDPD-21903: Aggregated schema search does not work correctly for the "Description" field
You can now search by schema name and schema description. Previously, if you tried to search by description only, you would incorrectly get back all schemas in the result set.
CDPD-23028: Delete model-registry module
Deleted "model-registry" from the project. This module has not been kept up-to-date with the rest of the project and we did not see it being used.
CDPD-23996: Kerberos Basic authenticator displays user password in the logs
A user's authorization data is not displayed in logs.
CDPD-25614: Clearing the cache throws a NPE
Fixed issue where invoking schemaRegistryClient.deleteSchema() caused a NullPointerException.
CDPD-25905: _orderByFields and name parameters on the API should not be mandatory
In 7.1.6 we have made the "name" field mandatory in the /search/schemas API endpoint. The intent was to make the API better, because searching without a "name" parameter returns an incorrect result. Unfortunately this was interpreted as a breaking change in the API and we needed to revert the change to maintain backward compatibility. Now it is again possible to send requests without providing a "name" parameter, and again this will return an incorrect result.
CDPD-25995: Fingerprint hashes are not consistent for Avro schemas
Default null values in schema text will be the same null values independently from restarting Schema Registry service.
CDPD-26382: Schema Registry Client does not clear resources for daemon thread for KerberosLogin
Closing Schema Registry Client did not stop the threads managing KerberosLogin, so an application could end up with multiple open threads. This has been fixed and calling close() will also stop the Kerberos thread.