Step 6: Select JDK

Cloudera Manager can automatically install a JDK on cluster hosts, or you can choose to install the JDK manually.

  1. Choose one of the following options:
    • Manually manage JDK

      If you select this option, you must ensure that a supported JDK is already installed on all hosts. You will need to manage installing the unlimited strength JCE policy file, if necessary. If you are installing OpenJDK 11, you must select this option.

    • Install a Cloudera-provided version of OpenJDK 8

      Cloudera Manager installs a supported version of OpenJDK 8 on all hosts.

    • Install a system-provided version of OpenJDK

      Cloudera Manager installs the default version of OpenJDK 8 provided by the operating system.

  2. Click Continue.