Fixed Issues in Streams Messaging Manager

Review the list of Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

CDPD-12512: SMM cannot connect to CM metrics service with empty truststore password
An empty truststore password can be used in SMM without an error thrown by the validation in SMM.
CDPD-16291: Add timestamps to SMM UI logs
SMM UI logs have timestamps.
CDPD-21373: SMM graph should display gauge values rather than counter values
There are changes to the SMM graphs displayed in the Topic details page. In the Topic details page, the 3 graphs (Data In Count, Data Out Count, and Messages In Count) were displaying counter metrics which continuously accumulate and increase over time but now, it has changed to display gauge values. The number displayed on the top right corner is the sum of all the gauge values within the graph.
CDPD-21374: Inconsistency in SMM UI graph style and label

The SMM UI graphs displayed have a consistent look.

Previously, some graphs had curved lines while some had right step style lines. It is changed to step style lines instead of curved lines.

CDPD-21780: SMM interceptors do not work with idempotent producers

The configuration of the internal producers of the SMM interceptors (that send latency metrics to the internal SMM topics in Kafka) is improved to exclude conflicting properties of the intercepted Kafka client.

Previously, the configuration of the internal metrics producer of the SMM interceptors sometimes failed because hardcoded configurations can conflict with the inherited configurations (from the intercepted client).

CDPD-22798: SMM producer activity is flaky
A producer might show as active minutes after it is no longer active.
CDPD-23996: User authorization data displayed in logs

User's authorization data does not display in logs anymore.

Previously, Kerberos Basic authenticator displayed user passwords in the logs.

CDPD-24698: ConsumerEmission timeout configurable

SMM pushes the consumer metrics into Cloudera Manager (only when CM is used as a metricsStore). This setting allows you to configure the timeout of the emission API calls. By default it is 10 seconds. It is configurable through the cm.metrics.emit.consumer.metrics.timeout (milliseconds) property.

Previously the timeout of these emission requests was 1 second.

OPSAPS-59717: ClientId from Kafka consumer metrics removed
ClientId was a redundant part of the primary key of the KAFKA_CONSUMER metrics. It is now removed from the metrics definition to spare load on Cloudera Manager Service Monitor. As a result of the removal of old KAFKA_CONSUMER metrics collected with clientId is not retrievable.