What's new in Streams Messaging Manager

Learn about the new features for Streams Messaging Manager in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

Kafka supports producer metric whitelisting

The feature allows producerMetrics to be whitelisted based on a whitelist property that should contain a regex with the allowed client.ids.

In order to enable the feature, set the following properties within Kafka Broker Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for kafka.properties/kafka.properties_role_safety_valve:
  • producer.metrics.whitelist.enabled=true
  • producer.metrics.whitelist=regex containing the whitelist for the desired producer's client.ids

This regex uses the simple java java.util.regex.Pattern class to compile the regex, and uses the match() method on the client.id to determine whether it fits the regex or not.

This feature deletes all the producer timeSeries entities from Service Monitor (CM metricsStore) that do not match the regex.

Also this feature filters the metrics within Kafka itself, so producerMetrics that do not match the regex, would not be reported by the /api/metrics endpoint in the Kafka brokers. Both CM and Kafka use the same Java class and method to filter the metrics.
Use Prometheus metric store for SMM

You can now use Prometheus as the metric store for Streams Messaging Manager (SMM).

Prometheus is a metrics store that pulls metrics from different endpoints which you configure. Prometheus is not the default metric store for SMM. If you want to use Prometheus as the metric store for SMM, you need to download and configure it.

For more information about how to configure Prometheus metric store for SMM, see Getting Metrics for SMM.