Fixed Issues in Phoenix

Review the list of Phoenix issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

CDPD-26052: Harmonize Jackson version in Phoenix.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-26049: Upgrade to Thrift 0.14.1 due to CVE-2020-13949.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-25122: Create a fix for LikeExpressionTest.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-24606: Ensure that Tephra SNAPSHOT version is not used.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-12836: The Phoenix-Spark connector now omits the HBase libraries from the shaded JAR, and uses the hbase-shaded API. The Phoenix-Spark and Phoenix-HBase connectors can now be loaded into and function in the same JVM simultaniously.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-21403: Removed netty 3.x dependency, which is vulnerable to a bunch of CVEs.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-27054: Phoenix-hive issue.
This issue is resolved. With CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.7 Phoenix-Hive connector can write to Apache Phoenix if you use the correct Cloudera Manager version.

Apache Patch Information

  • PHOENIX-6378
  • OMID-207
  • OMID-202
  • PHOENIX-5296
  • PHOENIX-6114
  • PHOENIX-6273
  • PHOENIX-6322
  • PHOENIX-6323
  • PHOENIX-6326
  • PHOENIX-6327
  • PHOENIX-6329
  • PHOENIX-6333
  • PHOENIX-6337
  • PHOENIX-6338
  • PHOENIX-6343
  • PHOENIX-6346
  • PHOENIX-6347
  • PHOENIX-6349
  • PHOENIX-6350
  • PHOENIX-6359
  • PHOENIX-6360
  • PHOENIX-6378
  • PHOENIX-6380
  • PHOENIX-6382
  • PHOENIX-6385
  • PHOENIX-6394
  • PHOENIX-6396
  • PHOENIX-6400
  • PHOENIX-6402
  • PHOENIX-6408
  • PHOENIX-6409
  • PHOENIX-6418
  • PHOENIX-6419
  • PHOENIX-6422
  • PHOENIX-6423
  • PHOENIX-6427
  • PHOENIX-6453
  • PHOENIX-6456
  • PHOENIX-6485