What's New in Apache Ozone

Learn about the new features of Apache Ozone in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

Support for SCM HA

You can now configure Storage Container Manager (SCM) High Availability (HA) on Ozone. This prevents the occurrence of a single point of failure in Ozone to manage the various types of storage metadata, and ensures continued interactions of the SCM with the Ozone Manager (OM) and the DataNodes.

For more information, see Overview of the Storage Container Manager in High Availability.

Support for Decommissioning of Ozone DataNodes

You can remove Ozone DataNodes from the cluster in a controlled manner using Cloudera Manager for performing maintenance operations. If you want to remove the DataNodes permanently or for an unknown duration, you can decommission them. If you want to make the DataNodes unavailable for a short period of time, such as, for a few days or hours, you can place them in maintenance mode.

For more information, see Removing Ozone DataNodes from the cluster.