Fixed Issues in Apache HBase

Review the list of HBase issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7 SP1.

Apache patch information

  • HBASE-25373 "Remove HTrace completely in code base and try to make use of OpenTelemetry" to branch-2
  • HBASE-24813 ReplicationSource should clear buffer usage on Replicatio…
  • HBASE-26276 Allow HashTable/SyncTable to perform rawScan when comparing cells
  • HBASE-26274 Create an option to reintroduce BlockCache to mapreduce job
  • HBASE-26273 Force ReadType.STREAM when the user does not explicitly set a ReadType on the Scan for a Snapshot-based Job
  • HBASE-26107 MOB compaction with missing files catches incorrect exception
  • HBASE-24163 MOB compactor implementations should use format specifiers when calling String.format
  • HBASE-26289 Hbase scan setMaxResultsPerColumnFamily not giving right results