Fixed Issues in Apache Kudu

Review the list of Kudu issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7 SP1.

CDPD-30190: KRPC connection negotiation fails with RedHat/CentOS for secure clusters
The SASL negotiation code has been updated so the HMS client can run on RedHat/CentOS 8.4. (KUDU-3297)
CDPD-31678: kudu client cannot read if one of tablet replica is unhealthy
Fixed the issue when a tablet server is down and unable to be resolved through DNS, but a majority of the replicas are up, the java client fails to read/write to this tablet. (KUDU-3295)
CDPD-31679: Leader crashes if it can't resolve DNS address of a peer
Fixed the issue where a leader tablet replica not being able to resolve its peers causes the tablet server hosting the leader replica to crash. (KUDU-2302)
CDPD-34968: Malfunction in Sockaddr::HashCode() could lead to running out of connections in a busy Kudu cluster
Fixed a bug which could lead to exhaustion of the address space for the outgoing connections on a busy Kudu cluster. (KUDU-3352)
CDPD-35040: Kudu java client failed to demote leader and caused a lot of deleting rows timeout
Fixed a bug in the Java client where a malformed tablet server ID in the scan token causes connection failures and timeouts in some cases. (KUDU-3349)
CDPD-35069: Bug in KuduSchema operator!=()
Fixed bug in the Kudu C++ client regarding KuduSchema::operator!=(). The bug manifested itself in applications using the libkudu_client library when comparing two instances of KuduSchema objects. Also, the {{kudu table copy}} CLI tool might fail in some scenarios.
OPSAPS: Cluster installation 7.1.7 failing while starting Hive service
Fixed an issue that caused the Hive Metastore to fail unless the "hive.metastore.transactional.event.listeners" configuration in the Hive Metastore Server Safety Valve was set. Such configuration is no longer required.

Apache patch information

  • KUDU-2302
  • KUDU-3295
  • KUDU-3297
  • KUDU-3313
  • KUDU-3332
  • KUDU-3349
  • KUDU-3352