Fixed Issues in Apache YARN

Review the list of YARN issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.7.

COMPX-5310: Built benchmarking methodology for YARN.
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-5338: Ordering policy is shown for queues in YARN UI.
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-5779: A queue can be restarted even if it is in draining state.
This issue is resolved.
COMPX-6164: Obtain benchmarking data with the basic methodology on CDP 7.1.x.
Most important base numbers are created and attributed. This issue is resolved.
OPSAPS-58001: YARN aggregation job is missing YARN metric folders because of timezone issues
Issue is fixed, where YarnUsageAggregation didn't find directories to aggregate in case of IST timezone.
OPSAPS-58146: CM doesn't consider version when creating application links
YarnWorkRelatedLinkGenerator was modified to consider the CDH/CDP version. For CDH releases the UI1 link will be generated, for CDP and later the UI2.
COMPX-4550: Hive On Tez queries fails upon submission to dynamically created pools
When using Hive-on-Tez with application tags, the access control check failed for dynamically created queues. With this change, the ACL settings of the parent is looked up.


CDPD-17194: Upgrade to Ember.js 2.2.1+ due to CVE-2015-7565
Prior to this upgrade, YARN was pulling in ember.js 2.2.0 which is vulnerable to CVE-2015-7565. This CVE can be avoid by upgrading to ember.js 2.2.1.
COMPX-5240: Restarting parent queue does not restart child queues in weight mode
When a dynamic auto child creation enabled parent queue is stopped in weight mode, its static and dynamically created child queues are also stopped. However, when the dynamic auto child creation enabled parent queue is restarted, its child queues remain stopped. In addition, the dynamically created child queues cannot be restarted manually through the YARN Queue Manager UI either.

Apache patch information

Apache patches in this release. These patches do not have an associated Cloudera bug ID.

  • YARN-10159. Destroy Jersey Client in TimelineConnector.
  • YARN-7266. Fixed deadlock in Timeline Server thread initialization.
  • YARN-9554: Fixed TimelineEntity DAO serialization handling.
  • YARN-10622
  • YARN-10618
  • YARN-10615
  • YARN-10600
  • YARN-10579
  • YARN-10581
  • YARN-10512
  • YARN-10486
  • YARN-10504
  • YARN-10780
  • YARN-10787
  • YARN-10732
  • YARN-10681
  • YARN-10679
  • YARN-10677
  • YARN-10678
  • YARN-10676
  • YARN-10675
  • YARN-10672
  • YARN-10513
  • YARN-10593
  • YARN-10652
  • YARN-10625
  • YARN-9837