Monitoring connector profile using Kafka Connect in SMM

Learn how to monitor connector profile with Kafka Connect in Streams Messaging Manager (SMM).

The Connector Profile tab enables you to monitor details of the connector and task.

In the Connector Profile section, you can view and monitor Classname, Assigned Worker, Status, Total Tasks, Running Tasks, Failed Tasks, and Paused Tasks.

In the Tasks section, you can view and monitor Status, Worker ID, Task ID, Put Batch Avg Time, Sink Record Send Date, and Partition Count.

Click the metrics arrow to monitor Running Ratio, Offset Commits, Additional Sink Record Metrics, and Additional Sink Start Metrics for the selected task.

The Restart option enables you to restart the task. To restart a particular task, select the task and click Restart.

The Tasks section contains a Search option that enables you to search for particular task details.