Fixed Issues in Cloudera Manager 7.4.4

Fixed issues in Cloudera Manager 7.4.4

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-48387: Host Inspector incorrectly reports 5.x version for supervisord
Host Inspector no longer shows Cloudera Manager version attached to supervisord version.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-49267: Bundle log times are truncated early
Fixed an issue where Cloudera Manager diagnostic bundle collection fails to collect role logs for the specified time range.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-54051: Metric names are not consistent in metric filter
Fixed an issue where an invalid metric name was reported when adding some metrics to custom metric filter lists. These metrics can now be added to filter lists using their names as they appear in charts. Already configured filter lists are unaffected.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-55159: BDR job produced misleading message about snapshottable dir detection

Fixed the misleading warning message.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-59818: Support for snapshot policy name containing "/" symbols

You must ensure that the snapshot policy name does not contain the characters % . ; / \ nor any character that is not ASCII printable, which includes the ASCII characters less than 32 and the ASCII characters that are greater than or equal to 127.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-61078: Set kerberos ticket cache location for Omid
Previously the Omid component was unable to refresh its Kerberos tickets, so after some time it failed to work properly and was unable to authenticate to HBase. This resulted transactional Phoenix queries to fail. This issue is now fixed and the Omid component can function correctly on kerberized clusters.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-61133: Disable GRPC TLS by default in Ozone
Enabling GRPC TLS for Ozone caused issues starting the Cloudera Manager server in clusters upgraded to CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.6 or 7.1.7. This setting is now disabled by default.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-58867: Cluster with custom kerberos principle deployment failing for Yarn's first run failure
yarn.admin.acl values are now set according to the principal names.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60022: add follow redirect -L in - to fix issues with empty "baseurl" in .repo files
Previously, Cloudera Manager failed to follow redirects of the repository URL provided for agent installation, causing agent installation to fail if a URL with a redirect was provided. Now, a repository URL with a redirect can be used successfully.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60175: Internal error in Directory Usage Report
Fixed the ‘Internal error processing filesearch2' error in the Directory Usage Report when setting a HDFS quota in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60264: Create Ranger audit logs in HDFS for Schema Registry
The ranger-audit configuration for Schema Registry did not contain an entry for defining where the audit files will be stored in HDFS. When xasecure.audit.destination.hdfs was set to true, this caused a silent failure in Ranger and no files would be written to HDFS. This issue has now been fixed and the audit files are being created on HDFS.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60454:Cloudera Manager should add existing users to groups specified by a parcel
Fixed an issue in which user-group mappings specified via parcel was not created properly if the service users already exist. Cloudera Manager now adds existing users to groups as appropriate.