Cloudera Manager

Cloudera Manager is an application you use to manage, configure, and monitor CDP Private Cloud Base clusters and Cloudera Runtime services.

The Cloudera Manager server runs on a host in your CDP Private Cloud Base deployment and manages one or more clusters using Cloudera Manager Agents that run on each host in the cluster.

The Cloudera Manager Admin Console is a web application administrators and others can use to manage CDP Private Cloud Base deployments. Using the Cloudera Manager Admin Console, you can start and stop the cluster and individual services, configure and add new services, manage security, and upgrade the cluster. You can also use the Cloudera Manager API to programatically perform management tasks.

Cloudera Manager Support

The Cloudera Manager version is independent from the CDP Private Cloud Base version of which it is part. As described in the Release Notes and Installation Guide, the version of Cloudera Manager included with CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8 is 7.7.1, and Cloudera Manager 7.7.1 is compatible with many Cloudera products. See Cloudera Manager support for Cloudera Runtime and CDH.

Cloudera Manager Overview

The Cloudera Manager Overview provides an introduction to Cloudera Manager and its capabilities.

Cloudera Manager Security Overview

The Cloudera Manager Security Overview provides an introduction to managing security in a CDP Private Cloud Base deployment, including authentication, authorization, encryption, and cluster governance.