Fixed Issues in Apache Kafka

Review the list of Kafka issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

CDPD-29058: Migrate to log4j2 due to log4j1 end of life
Kafka is migrated and uses log4j2 as a logging library. Additionally, log4j1 dependencies are removed with the exception of the Log4jAppender. Although the appender remains available, Cloudera recommends that you use the log4j2 implementation of the appender that is available in the log4j2 project.
Topics created with the kafka-topics tool are only accessible by the user who created them when the deprecated --zookeeper option is used
The --zookeeper option has been removed from the kafka-topics tool. As a result, encountering this issue is no longer possible. Use the --bootstrap-server option instead.
Certain Kafka command line tools require direct access to Zookeeper
There are no longer any Cloudera supported Kafka command line tools that require direct Zookeeper access or require the usage of the --zookeeper option. Use the --bootstrap-server option instead.
CDPD-71228: Kafka has degraded performance for processing compressed produced messages
Compressed messages no longer degrade Kafka performance.

Apache Patch Information

  • KAFKA-13457
  • KAFKA-13476
  • KAFKA-9279