What's New in Apache Ozone

Learn about the new features of Apache Ozone in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8.

Upgrading Ozone

You can now upgrade Ozone component and onboard the features release for this 7.1.8 release

For more information, see Upgrading Ozone documentation.

Support for Ozone S3 Multitenancy (Technical Preview)

Apache Ozone now supports the multi-tenancy feature. This feature enables Ozone to compartmentalize the resources and create multiple tenants.

For more information, see Ozone S3 Multitenancy documentation.

Support for Multi-Protocol Aware System to store files and objects

This feature helps you to understand Ozone file system support, differences between flat namespace and hierarchical namespace, different bucket layouts, and their use cases.

For more information, see Multi-Protocol Aware System documentation.

Ozone Ranger Integration

Set up policies in Ranger for the users to have the right access permissions to the various Ozone objects such as buckets and volumes.

For more information, see Ozone Ranger Integration documentation.

Support for Erasure Coding

The Ozone Erasure Coding feature provides data durability and fault-tolerance along with reduced storage space and ensures data durability similar to Ratis THREE replication approach.

For more information, see Erasure Coding documentation.

Support for Container Balancer tool

Container balancer tool balances the utilization of datanodes in an Ozone cluster and identifies the datanodes that are over utilized and moves containers to underutilized datanodes so that the containers align to the placement policies that are defined for a specific cluster..

For more information, see Container Balancer documentation.