Running a query in Cloudera Data Warehouse

You simply open Hue and submit your query. You do not need to manually start beeline or any other shell.

As a DW User, you open Hue from a Virtual Warehouse that you set up for ETL or BI jobs, and run the query. The SQL engine reads from and writes to the same metastore, regardless of the type Virtual Warehouse, as shown in the following diagram.
  • Required role: DW User
  • You obtained permission to run SQL queries from the Env Admin, who added you to a Hadoop SQL policy.
  1. On the Overview page under Virtual Warehouses, click options , and select Open Hue.
  2. Select a database.
    For example, select database airline_ontime_parquet.
  3. In Hue, enter a query.
    SELECT dest, origin
    FROM flights
    GROUP BY dest, origin;
  4. Click to run the query.